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"Just get in the car, Alice. I’ll explain on the way."


"Just get in the car, Alice. I’ll explain on the way."



Well…since my anxiety has crept back without warning, I figured I just draw some of my thoughts down…Personally I understand that some people truly do not mind reassuring a friend who has self doubt on the brain, but I can’t help having it circle my mind as often as it does. Wish it would stop honestly. It just feels like empty space that I try too hard to fill.

If anyone actually needs to know what goes through my head at all times…


Maude White Paperwork

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Maude is the owner of the paper art and handmade felt jewelry company Brave Bird Paperwork & Jewelry.  She feels that her paper work is strongly influenced by such great illustrators as Maxfield Parrish, Arthur Rackham and Gustave Dore. Her paper illustrations have been featured in the New York City based fine arts magazine Carrier Pigeon. She has work from the current issue of Carrier Pigeon on display in Downtown Manhattan.


awkwardly raising your hand to answer a question when the entire class shouts out the answer


How to interact with a werewolf:
1. Tell it it’s beautiful.
2. Stare at it while people are running away.


FUCK YES!  Ah! American Ninja Warrior has nothing to do with ninjas but everything to do with KACY CATANZARO!

"Who is this?" "The good-looking guy in the sunglasses at your ten o’clock."